You are welcome here.

We recognise that all individuals and caring situations are unique.

The diversity of carers and people with disability reflects their communities; from their age and ethnicity, to their sexuality.

We understand and offer a range of personalised, accessible, and inclusive programs and services.

We are committed to:

  • Affirming the dignity of LGBTQIA+ people’s sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status and relationships
  • Freedom from discrimination – ensuring LGBTQIA+ clients and potential clients do not encounter discrimination in our workplaces
  • Access and equity – through the provision of LGBTQIA+ inclusive policies, programs and services.

We care about equality.

We provide inclusive and affirming services that value, celebrate, and support LGBTQIA+ people.

Carers Queensland has gained the Rainbow Tick Accreditation, leading the way in inclusive work practices and being the first organisation to hold this recognition in Queensland.

About LGBTQIA+ carers

LGBTQIA+ carers also come from all walks of life, with diverse life experiences and religious, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. There are distinct communities within the broader LGBTQIA+ community.

Between 15 and 30 per cent of LGBTIQ people are currently in a caring role.

The caring role

In LGBTQIA+ communities, primary support may come from ‘family of choice’ rather than biological family members.

Older LGBT people will often rely on partners and friend carers.

Lesbians, bisexual and transsexual women spend more time in the caring role than other groups.

Some LGBTQIA+ people may be expected to take on a caring role for a biological family member because they are viewed as being ‘single’.

Challenges for LGBTQIA+ carers

Some LGBTQIA+ people may avoid seeking services for fear of discrimination. When they do access services, they may not disclose sexuality, gender identity or intersex status for the same reason.

Other challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ carers include:

  • Juggling life and/or work with their caring role
  • Financial disadvantages and limited opportunities for work
  • Social isolation
  • Stress and mental health impacts
  • Discrimination
  • Access to affordable inclusive services
  • Lack of recognition of their identity, experiences and relationships
  • The carer role being “invisible” within some LGBTI communities.

Policy submissions and reports

Carers Queensland engages with relevant research projects to ensure we can best advocate on behalf of LGBTQIA+ carers. We do this by making policy and pre-budget submissions every year, and through our annual Quality of Life Survey.

In 2017, we launched a survey to find out more about the LGBTQIA+ community’s experience of accessing social and health support services.


LGBTQIA+ people with disability

Carers Queensland specialises in providing culturally sensitive and safe support for people with disability, families and carers from our rainbow communities.

As one of the largest National Disability Insurance Scheme Local Area Partner in the Community (NDIS LAC PITC) in Australia, we:

  • help people understand and access the NDIS and connect them to local services
  • build connections and partnerships with local community and mainstream services to increase opportunities for people with disability to participate socially and economically in the ways they choose
  • also support people with disability to connect to services, supports and activities happening in the community if they are not eligible for the NDIS.

We know that people with disability, their families, carers and supports from LGBTQIA+ communities can experience unique challenges because of their identity-mix of abilities, age, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality.

Our dedicated contact channel,, is your easy way to speak with one of our many LGBTQIA+ team members. You will be welcomed and treated with respect and dignity when you connect with us.

Want to learn more about our NDIS program?

Visit our NDIS Services page for more information about accessing the NDIS or connecting with our Driving Inclusive Change projects.

Alternatively, sign up for our LAC Connect mobile app to receive information and the latest news on your phone.

We celebrate diversity

Every day we continue to build a more diverse and inclusive culture where everyone feels they belong and are valued for who they are.

Inclusion is not about trying to change the beliefs or values of individuals. It’s about workplace behaviour and how we engage and interact with each other in a working, professional relationship.

Our Rainbow Allies actively foster and support a culture that respects, welcomes and supports LGBTQIA+ staff and volunteers, enabling them to be themselves, where their diversity is celebrated and their individual identity affirmed.

Want more information?

Connecting with us is easy and safe.

Email for safe contact with one of our many LGBTQIA+ team members.

When you contact us you might like to include your name and contact details, the suburb or location you live in and some brief details about the issue or question you would like to discuss. This will help us connect you with the best person to assist you.

You can also call us on 1300 747 636 or submit a form from our Contact Us page.

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