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Amelia’s future is bright with the support of her family and NDIS

Published On: 6 December 2021Categories: NDIS, News

Amelia has a bright future as she graduates from high school in 2021 with the support of her family and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The 18-year-old from Brookwater was born with epilepsy and has regular absence and focal seizures and several clonic tonic seizures each day.

Supported by her parents, sister and recently retired grandfather Tony, Amelia started the application process for the NDIS in 2020 to make sure she had the right care and support after Year 12.

Tony said NDIS funding was the solution to provide a positive and safe environment for Amelia to engage with ongoing life skills development programs.

“Whilst at school, Amelia’s care arrangements and emergency plan were set up with the Head of Department and Principal. One-on-one care was provided by inhouse support workers both in the class and during breaks,” Tony said.

“Since then, we have navigated year 12 Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) achievement, graduation fun and set up a pathway into community-based programs that will continue to challenge her and provide further development, both cognitive and relational.

“As her year 12 learning concludes, the NDIS funding from Tuesday to Friday will provide support workers who are literally at arm’s length to attend to Millie when these seizures impact.

“However, she is now free to engage with creative arts programs, occupational therapy sessions and daily living education; a pathway to independent living”.

Tony said as the eldest grandchild, Amelia has a wider family ‘village’ with seven cousins aged from seven to 18 years to interact with, and regular gatherings which provide opportunities for her social development and fun.

“She is loved for her positivity and respected for the way she simply gets on with her life,” Tony said.

Tony said Amelia is passionate about her future and is looking at combining her love of the creative arts and focussing on a pathway to accreditation to enable her to teach or mentor in the disability sector.

“She began attending a service provider for education and growth both in the creative arts and establishing a new network of friends in the wider community; they have creative programs with art and photography which Millie enjoys.

“One of her goals is to have appropriate support to assist with the transition out of school and into a meaningful pathway for further skills development and perhaps some volunteer work within her social networks.

“If she can achieve a level of attainment where she can help with the creative arts in her community networks, then we feel this would be a rewarding experience where she can take satisfaction from contributing to the greater good.

“In 2022 we have also identified a couple of programs that assist with daily living and logistics.”

Tony admits it is a “marathon, not a sprint with Millie”, as the NDIS has given her more freedom in her life.

“Freedom to be who she can be with the one caveat; she needs a support worker. When seizures erupt, there must be skilled care immediately available to allow for recovery and encourage her to carry on,” Tony said.

“The NDIS has been a transformation for the family and specifically for Millie; she now has the promise of a pathway that will allow her to reach her potential whatever that can be.”

Amelia received assistance to apply for and implement her NDIS funding from Carers Queensland’s NDIS Local Area Coordination Partner in the Community Program for the Ipswich region.

“The Ipswich office of Carers Queensland has been the go-to point for advice and support (from) early navigating us through the initial submission (to) providing advice and support at the critical times.

“This is a positive story for our family. The NDIS has been a blessing and the impact on Amelia and the wider family has been both lifesaving and transformational.

“The family is truly grateful for the NDIS and the positive impact it has had for Amelia.”

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