Amy-Lee shows more confidence with the NDIS

Published On: 13 June 2019Categories: News

Amy-Lee Payne is a much happier and more confident 22-year-old since accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) almost 12 months ago.

Prior to accessing her NDIS plan, the idea of being out in the community and being socially active was difficult for Amy-Lee, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and apraxia of speech.

Her mum Deb, said initially Amy-Lee was non-verbal, struggled to self-regulate, and had no formal support prior to her plan.

“Now, the outcome of having support over the past year has been amazing. She is now speaking single words and is finding ways of better communicating her needs, which has helped with her behaviours.”

Amy-Lee is hopeful of building on her friendships, becoming more independent, and playing a bigger part in her community.

Already Amy has begun horse riding lessons, pottery classes, goes to the gym, and has family adventures to theme parks.

“Amy-Lee is getting more one-on-one care in the community to help achieve her goals thanks to the NDIS. Without the NDIS my daughter would not be accessing half of what she has achieved so far.”

Amy-Lee received assistance to apply for and implement her plan from Carers Queensland’s NDIS Local Area Coordination Partner in the Community Program for the Beenleigh region, at the Capalaba office.

“Our experience with Carers Queensland has been fantastic; they have given my daughter the opportunity to go forward in her life and to do things that people of her age would already be doing without her feeling like she is being left behind.”

Local Area Coordinator, Sharon Schofield, completed Amy-Lee’s plan review and believes she has gone from strength-to-strength since accessing NDIS supports.

“Amy-Lee couldn’t communicate and had no formal support until her NDIS plan. The outcome of having support over this time has been amazing,” Sharon said.

Carers Queensland can support you to find out more about the NDIS, to apply for the scheme and to help you get started with your NDIS plan.

If you’re not eligible for the NDIS, Carers Queensland can also help you identify and link to options in your community.

To find out more about how the NDIS and Local Area Coordinator program can work for you, visit Carer’s Queensland NDIS Local Area Coordinator Partner in the Community Program for the Capalaba region at 2/8 Dollery Road, Capalaba or call 3565 8600.