Anything is possible for Jackie

Published On: 16 October 2019Categories: News

Alexandra Headlands local, Jacquelyn (Jackie) Wade is so busy it can be difficult to catch her at home, and she loves it!

Most mornings, Jackie is up and ready for one of her support workers to join her on a walk to the Mooloolaba Spit, before getting ready to go out again for one of the many classes, groups, or appointments that keep her actively engaged in her community.

Jackie, who has an intellectual disability, is able to keep her busy schedule since receiving funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which supports her to become more independent, build her social skills, and improve her communication.

For the first time in her life, she is able to be more independent from her parents. With her NDIS funding she engages support workers to help her attend regular hydrotherapy sessions, pilates classes, medical appointments, cooking lessons, art group sessions, and a communication skills group.

Through these supports Jackie is also getting involved in group day trips and recently was able to participate in an organised weekend.

Jackie and her parents, Margaret and Colin, worked with Carers Queensland NDIS Local Area Coordination Partner in the Community Program to develop and start using Jackie’s NDIS funding.

For them, the NDIS couldn’t have come at a better time, giving them peace of mind that she is being looked after and will continue to be into the future.

“The NDIS has given us the reassurance to do a gradual transition so Jackie feels familiar with support workers and people coming in, people cleaning her room, taking her to the movies and everything else that we normally do, so that when we’re no longer here, she’ll be used to it,” Colin explained.

“Anything is possible as long as it benefits Jackie and makes her independent. Her support workers take her to the podiatrist, to a doctor’s appointment, to the hairdressers. Things that we used to do and that she can’t do on her own.”

Following a health scare for Colin earlier in the year, Margaret and Colin contacted their Carers Queensland Local Area Coordinator to request the plan management option for Jackie’s NDIS funding, which has opened their eyes to a wider range of opportunities for Jackie. And they are seeing a positive change.

“Her personality has come out again and she’s got a purpose to get up in the morning. Monday through Friday she knows she’s got to be out of bed, showered, ready to go with whichever support worker is coming to fill in her day with her,” Margaret said.

“Jackie recently went to The Ekka with her support worker. They went to Brisbane by train and stayed overnight. Jackie could not stop telling us what a ‘great time’ she had and sent home her ‘funny snaps’ to show us how happy she was. The NDIS has put the smile back on her face.”

As ageing carers, the gradual transition is just as important for Margaret and Colin, who have found that letting go of the caring role has taken some getting used to.

“Everywhere we’d go, we’d go together,” Margaret said, “even as far as walking every day to the spit and back. Now I do that on my own, or with a friend or Colin. Most days now she’s out from 8.30 am, she breezes in and has lunch and then she’s gone again.

“We’ve gone to lunch twice in the last four months where we’ve met up with friends and they’ve missed Jackie because when we’re always together we are always trying to make sure Jackie is included in the conversation. So it’s been different for our friends as well. But it’s all in a positive way.

“Colin and I can now do things that other retired couples do and we are looking forward to a trip away together, which is possible because Jackie will have support workers looking after her at home. Thank you NDIS!”

To find out more about the NDIS, contact Carers Queensland NDIS Local Area Coordination Partner in the Community Program on 1300 999 636.