Celebrate carers across Australia – join the ‘Millions of Reasons to care’

Published On: 28 September 2023Categories: Media Release, News

National Carers Week runs in October from Sunday 15 to Saturday 21 and honours the efforts and contributions that unpaid carers make to our nation.

As communities across the country prepare to celebrate National Carers Week, this year’s theme, ‘Millions of Reasons to Care’ is calling on people to broaden their awareness of the 2.65 million Australians* caring for their family members and friends.

National Carers Week highlights the challenges unpaid carers face every day and the diverse roles of carers and celebrates their unwavering commitment and dedication.

The week is also an opportunity for people who have a caring responsibility to identify themselves as carers and access the supports and services they need.

More than one in 10 Australians are carers.* In Queensland alone, there are 533,200 carers, and they all make a valuable contribution to our community as well as our national economy.

In 2020, carers provided nearly 2.2 billion hours of unpaid care, over 42 million hours every single week. The replacement value of that care was estimated at almost $77.9 billion.**

In 2022, findings from the ‘Caring Costs Us: The economic impact on lifetime income and retirement savings of informal carers’ report showed that for every year someone is a primary carer, on average, they will lose $17,700 in superannuation and $39,600 in lifetime earnings.***

Chair of Carers Queensland, Jim Toohey, said National Carers Week is more than just a week-long event; it’s an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the incredible work carers do every day.

“Carers often place their personal lives and passions on hold to provide care for loved ones,” Mr. Toohey said.

“They provide care and support in ways many of us can't begin to imagine. Recognising and celebrating them is not just important, it's imperative.”

“The theme, ‘Millions of Reasons to Care,' couldn't be more fitting. Each carer has their own unique story, their own reasons for caring, and each one deserves our respect and gratitude.”

“During National Carers Week, we encourage everyone to take a moment to acknowledge the carers in their lives.”

“Whether it's through a simple thank you, volunteering your time, or participating in National Carers Week events, there are indeed millions of ways, and millions of reasons, to show we care.”

“Let’s come together to celebrate and raise awareness about the amazing work carers do every day.”

In recognition of National Carers Week, a number of assets will be lit up across Brisbane, including the Gateway Bridge, Story Bridge, Victoria Bridge, the Redcliff Place sculptures Donna Marcus: Steam 2006, Wickham Terrace Car Park architectural wall and the Breakfast Creek Bridge in Newstead.

In addition, Carers Queensland is hosting a range of online and face-to-face events for the broader community to get involved and show their appreciation for carers.

For more information on National Carers Week events-

Visit: https://carersqld.com.au/carers-week
Contact Carers Queensland on 1300 747 636.

Celebrate carers- get involved!

We all have a role to play in raising awareness of the role carers play in our communities.

There are so many ways to take part in National Carers Week.

To find out how visit:


* Carers Queensland gratefully appreciates the funding support from the Queensland Government to assist with regional activities during Carers Week 2023.


* Australian Bureau of Statistics, Disability, Ageing and Carers 2018

** Deloitte Access Economics, The Value of Informal Care in 2020, May 2020

***Evaluate, Caring Costs Us: The economic impact on lifetime income and retirement savings of informal carers- a report for Carers Australia, March 2022