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Community Engagement Service

Published On: 13 April 2022Categories: News
The Community Engagement Service is delivered as part of our Carer Program.

The program aims to raise awareness about carers, the important role they play in the community and the services available to them in Queensland.

As the peak body representing unpaid carers in Queensland, we work closely with carers providing them with required information on how to access
the Carer Gateway.

On a regular basis, the team participates in different community events and actively facilitates a range of activities, including:
• Presentations and Information Sessions about the services available to carers statewide. These can be delivered in-person or via Zoom
• Keynote presentations and stall participation at local community events
• Attendance at community and network events, forums, expos and meetings

Additionally, our Community Engagement team can facilitate tailored Carer Awareness sessions to education facilities (including staff and students), health services and community organisations.

Some of the Community Engagement team’s key achievements since it started in July 2021 include:

• Connecting on average with 55 carers per month
• Helping more than 50 carers access supports for the first time
• Attending over 40 community events
• Facilitating more than 25 Carer Awareness Information Sessions
• Referring more than 350 carers to additional supports

What are carers saying about the service?

We are receiving a range of positive feedback from carers about our Community Engagement service.

“I was so naive about carers, we actually come in contact with our patients’ families and now I realise they are carers, I will be sure to pass on Carers Queensland information to make sure they are aware that they will qualify as being a carer and can seek supports.”

“I have struggled with a lot of things as a carer, financially, emotionally and physically and it’s wonderful to know that there is some support for me through meeting you ladies today.”

To find out more contact our Community Engagement team on 1300 747 636 or email carerprogram@carersqld.com.au