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Connecting families with the NDIS

Mar 25 2019

Sandgate local Holly Reedman is blown away by the support she is receiving through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Born profoundly deaf, Holly successfully underwent cochlear implant surgery at the age of 22 months old, however, without a fitted sound processor behind her ear, she cannot hear.

When the NDIS rolled out in the Moreton Bay area, she met with her Carers Queensland Local Area Coordinator to learn more about the supports she could access to achieve her goals.

“It’s very worrying if my sound processor stops working, because I can’t hear,” she said.

“For example, I wanted to teach my son to swim and be safe around water, but sound processors aren’t waterproof, so in the shower, at the beach and the pool I couldn’t wear my processor.”

“This was difficult when I was taking my son to swimming classes, because you’re in a group with one instructor who is telling you what to do. As I didn’t have my sound processor on, I wasn’t able to hear the instructions.”

In January through her NDIS plan, she received a waterproof accessory that covered her sound processor and it was the first time she could hear underwater and actively participate in her son’s swimming lesson.

“I felt like I didn’t have the same opportunities [without the waterproofed sound processor] as the other mums in the class.

“Without my NDIS package and the support from Carers Queensland, I would have pulled out of the class. Now my son is progressing with his peers and I’m able to talk to the other parents and take part in the class.”

“The NDIS is making people socially inclusive and I’m proof of that. When I received funding for my waterproofed processor, it made everything accessible and it did everything the NDIS was designed to do.”

Holly is now a Local Area Coordinator at Carers Queensland, the NDIS Partner in the Community for Caboolture- Strathpine and is helping others access the NDIS and achieve their goals.