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Connecting wearers and carers

Mar 07 2018
Many people are hesitant to wear a pendant or something that easily identifies they are wearing an alert device in case of a fall or emergency.

Carers Queensland in collaboration with ConnectUs Life are working on a pilot project that provides fall detection, GPS location reporting, multiple carer alert functions and much more through a watch that can be worn every day.

With the exponential growth of the aged care industry, cost and care issues are a global challenge and one which ConnectUs Life, a specialist care-related services provider, hopes to combat through RightMinder®, an app that leverages advancements in wearable technology and the increase in availability and use of affordable smartwatches.

RightMinder caters to the elderly, those in need, along with private and professional carers.

Available in multiple languages and in over 136 countries, RightMinder delivers a patent-pending solution for emergency alerts and tracking of the watch wearer.

Trials of RightMinder will commence in the first quarter of 2018, with the aim of connecting ‘wearers’ and ‘carers’, Ben Slater, ConnectUs Life CIO said.

“Our core focus is to ensure wearers maintain meaningful independence with an efficient, yet discreet safety and security alert system.

“The support that Carers Queensland offers carers throughout Queensland is invaluable for the people who help our elderly and those in need, and with RightMinder trials we hope to assist with Carers Queensland life-changing work.”

“The technology industry must work hard to create solutions that can enhance the care sector without enormous cost. The care sector must also get actively involved in this development,” said RightMinder co-founder, Drew Steptoe.

“This collaborative approach between Carers Queensland and ConnectUs Life will not only assist with advancing this technology, it will also provide carers with a level of comfort that the person they care for are safe,” says Mr Steptoe.