Dancing her way to the top

Published On: 24 July 2019Categories: NDIS, News

Between volunteering, sport, craft, and exam-level dance, Suzanne from Emu Park is a very busy woman.

Suzanne has intellectual disability and uses the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which provides the support she needs to be independent, learn new skills, and give back to the community through volunteer work at her local Vinnie’s store.

If you need someone to untangle a necklace or secure a loose bead – Suzanne’s your woman!

It’s dancing where Suzanne really shines, with gold, silver, and bronze awards from past exams.

“I do well at dancing, with Latin and New Vogue,” Suzanne says.

She’s encouraged Mum Cherie out onto the dancefloor as well.

“Suzanne said to me a few years ago ‘Mum, if I’ve got to do dancing and medals so have you’,” Cherie says.

“So she did!” Suzanne adds.

Suzanne also has a passion for craft, including scrapbooking to keep a souvenir of her adventures, and is now channelling her creativity to build skills in other areas.

Suzanne and support worker Janet are putting together a book of photos and stories from a visit to local wildlife sanctuary Cooberrie Park, learning to use a computer and building Suzanne’s confidence and digital literacy.

Carers Queensland is Suzanne’s NDIS Local Area Coordination Partner in the Community. Local Area Coordinator Dawn has worked with Suzanne and Cherie since they joined the NDIS.

Suzanne, Cherie and Dawn worked together to design Suzanne’s first NDIS plan to make sure it reflected her goals and her everyday support needs.

Once that first plan was approved, Dawn worked with Suzanne and Cherie over a series of face-to-face meetings and phone calls to help them understand the plan and what they could use their funding for, find the best support workers to meet Suzanne’s needs, and keep track of everything efficiently through the online portal.

These days Suzanne and Cherie are much more confident, and they don’t need to call on Dawn as often.

Cherie adds “but she’s always just a phone call away, and checks in regularly to make sure Suzanne’s plan is on track and still meeting her needs.”