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Festivals, beach trips and the NDIS

Feb 12 2019

For Clayfield man Trevor Boone, joining the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) allowed him to take his first trip to the beach in more than two decades.

Trevor has spina bifida, a condition that causes his right leg to be weaker and shorter than his left leg, impacting on his mobility.

Born in Northern Ireland, Trevor migrated to Brisbane with his family in 1983. With a leg brace for support, he has worked continuously for the Queensland public service for more than 30 years and maintained a healthy, active social life.

In recent years however, Trevor’s mobility started to become more limited.

“As my condition worsened, the muscles had been contracting without me realising so I ended up on crutches,” Trevor said.

“After a while I started losing mobility but I stayed positive thinking that it would improve.”

“Just as tasks were becoming much harder and I was becoming more isolated, the NDIS came through just at the right time,” he said.

Trevor joined the NDIS in September, which brought a change he describes as ‘unbelievable’.  He now receives funding for support workers to help with meal preparation, domestic assistance and community access.

“When the NDIS came along, it allowed me to do so many things I didn’t think were possible for me.”

Trevor’s NDIS journey began at Carers Queensland’s Lutwyche office with Local Area Coordinator Paul Crowe, who continues to provide Trevor with ongoing support.

“That changed everything for me in such a positive way. The support that I needed, that I didn’t realise was available, was now there for me.”

For the first time in more than 20 years, Trevor has been able to honour the age-old Australian tradition of a day trip to the beach.

“Because it is quite difficult for me mobility-wise, going to the beach is something I had avoided for a long time.”

“That was easy in Ireland in the cold but over here it is a very popular thing to do, it has been at least 20 years since I was on the beach. I have been three times in the past few months to Mudjimba and then to Byron Bay.”

With the goal of revisiting the beach ticked off Trevor’s list, he set his sights on another goal at the end of 2018.

“On New Year’s Eve I was able to go to Woodford Folk Festival and bring in the New Year.”

“Prior to the NDIS I would have found this type of camping experience way too difficult but now I have some beautiful memories.”

Trevor said the NDIS has given him renewed confidence and a more positive outlook on the future.

“When I got on these crutches and lost my mobility I sort of thought that that was it for me. That I wouldn’t be able to have these experiences.”

“The NDIS has shown me that you can still have a life, you might just need a little support.”