Nathan is busy with the NDIS

Published On: 22 December 2019Categories: NDIS, News

Nathan Tessman, an accomplished musician who performs under the name MC Wheels, says his National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan gives him the ability to control how he is supported to live independently and keep busy.

“At the moment support workers are doing more hours a day, which helps with cleaning around the house and going to places I’d like to go,” Nathan explained.

“We get a little bit more swimming time in. And it’s a bit of company. If I need to go to a gig or to the studio to record, the money is there to have a support worker go with me to help.”

Nathan, who has spinal muscular atrophy, plans to keep himself busy this year and learn more about the NDIS funding he has received and how he can use it.

“I’m writing my third album and I’d like to finish that,” he said. “It’s still in the early stages but it’s a bit about feeling quite blessed throughout my music career and how I’m happy with what I’ve achieved.”

“I’d like to do a small bit of travel, to Sydney and Melbourne. I don’t know the process to get an electric wheelchair on the plane. In the past we took the manual chair when I flew with my family. So I need to find out a bit more about how to do that.”

Nathan plays wheelchair soccer with the North Brisbane Jets and would love to go further with the sport.

“I’ve been playing it for two years and it’s great being part of a team sport and having that camaraderie with other people in wheelchairs.”

“In time I’d like to get a competitive sports chair and move up through the ranks.”

For the moment, Nathan says he is getting to know more about using his NDIS plan with support from Carers Queensland’s Local Area Coordination, Partners in the Community Program.

“Everything is working out really well and I’m really happy with the care I have been able to get in place.”

Carers Queensland runs workshops to help people understand their NDIS plan, the terminology it uses, and how to get the most out of it. It’s also an opportunity to check out the NDIS price guide and the online portal, to ask questions, and to meet other people using the NDIS.

Sunshine Coast area locals who would like to find out more about the NDIS or attend a workshop can contact the Carers Queensland NDIS Local Area Coordination Partners in the Community program on 07 5409 3300 or or visit