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Learning together to raise the voices of people with disability.

Carers Queensland has a long history of supporting carers to advocate for themselves and their family and now we are connecting with people with disability to support them to lead, shape and influence their community.

We are bringing people with disability together to share experiences and gain the skills and confidence to raise their voice, find or advocate for information and resources they need to make change in their communities, and improve outcomes for people with disability, their families and carers.

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Register for one of our Introduction to Self-Advocacy Workshops.

  • Identify barriers that can be present when self-advocating.
  • Develop skills and resources to work through the challenges of advocating for yourself.
  • Build peer support groups within your community.
  • Recognise and celebrate self-advocacy champions.

You can also contact the Community and Mainstream Team from Carers Queensland at cq.communityandmainstream@ndis.gov.au, or phone the Carers Queensland Enquiries Line on 1300 999 636.

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