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Independent living the key to Terry’s happiness

Aug 25 2020

Prior to accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in March, Terry Dallas was facing the prospect of living in a nursing home as a 54-year-old. Terry has bilateral peripheral …

NDIS funds are life-changing for Tovah

Aug 24 2020

Carers Queensland is helping nine-year-old Tovah Rennie in her goal of growing up to be as independent as possible and happy. Tovah, who lives at Logan Reserve and has an …

Carers Australia calls for additional carer payments

Aug 20 2020

Carers Australia has urged the Federal Government to consider providing an additional $750 stimulus payment to carers after the Government announced yesterday that pension payments would not rise in September …

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Aug 19 2020

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NDIS supports Sophia to achieve independence

Aug 11 2020

Sophia Geminelli is accessing National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports to help her with her goals of living independently, holidaying with friends and eventually getting a job. “My life has …

Life afloat – an unforgettable day

Aug 07 2020

It was only a day. Just enough for them to unwind and relax while connecting with others. The “How are you cruising” Carer Retreat organised by Carers Queensland’s Darling Downs …

Communication for residential facilities

Aug 06 2020

Although most  residential facilities have plans for and faced outbreaks of infections such as influenza in the past, none have faced the prospect of a global pandemic. The scale and …

Amanda on the path to her dream job

Aug 05 2020

Amanda (Mandy) lives in the present but can always think about the future. She likes trying different experiences in life and giving things a go. She is a carer to …

Don’t wait until it’s too late: Carer encourages others to seek help

Aug 03 2020

Tammy Miles was her mother’s primary carer for 13 years, but when her mother’s condition began to deteriorate, she struggled to cope. Feeling alone, depressed and exhausted, the situation eventually …

Replacement value of unpaid care in Australia rises to $77.9 billion per year

Jul 31 2020

A new report commissioned by Carers Australia has confirmed that the estimated annual replacement value of all unpaid care in Australia has risen to $77.9 billion – an increase of …

Emergency Preparedness Planning for COVID-19

Jul 31 2020

We all need to be prepared and know what to do before, during, and after an emergency. People with disability may need additional support, resources, or advocacy during this health …

Retreat offers young carers learning opportunities

Jul 30 2020

Our Central Queensland regional office provided an amazing environment, packed with fun and adventure, supporting young carers to build self confidence and new friendships. Twenty young carers, five mentor/buddy students …