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‘Why Do I Care?’ Writing Competition

Each year, as part of National Carers Week we run a competition specifically for carers. It’s an opportunity for carers to get creative, have fun and share their talents with others.

The reasons why carers care may be very simple or they may be complex. A carer may care because of love, cultural reasons and obligation or simply because a carer believes they are best placed to offer the quality of life for their loved one. There may be other reasons such as companionship, enjoying their time together, the satisfaction that they are helping others or developing new skills.

This year we wanted to recognise and celebrate carer achievements, while also creating awareness of the important role carers play in the community.

The 2018 winner, Kylie Minns, was our special guest at the Carers Week Launch and Gala Lunch on Friday 12 October 2018, in Brisbane. Here is her story:

Why do I care? you might as well ask "Why do I breathe?" "Why does the rain fall or the birds sing?"

Because it is in my nature. It is in a birds nature to sing and it is in my nature to care. But I don't care for just anyone. I care for you - my two beautiful sons.

Every day, even though you don't know it - I fight for you, I advocate for you, I protect you, I care for you. I do the things that you can't. I do the things that others won't. I do these things because I love you. I do these things because who else will?

Each day, I reach down deep inside and find the strength to love and care and fight for you because just like a bird who can't help but sing, I can't help but care for my two beautiful boys.

Kylie Minns

A presentation of all entries was screened at regional Carers Week events throughout Queensland. An exhibition of the entries was also shown at the People’s Gallery, Brisbane City Hall, during Carers Week.