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Cultural And Linguistic Diversity

Connecting with your community takes time, especially if you have a different cultural background and are caring for someone.

Carers Queensland is committed to improving the lives of all carers, including those from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background.

The CALD Program can help you and the people you care for, who are under 65 years of age, access community care services.

How can we help you?

Our staff members have been specifically trained to meet the needs of people from a culturally or linguistically diverse background.

We can help you, your carer or family:

  • Understand what support services are available and determine your eligibility.
  • Decide which services you need
  • Contact and communicate with these services
  • Talk to individuals and other service providers to make sure you are getting the appropriate services

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Program (Flyer)

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for our CALD program if you:

  • Are from a culturally or linguistically diverse background and under the age of 65; and
  • Are a person with a medical problem, disability, mental illness or a family member providing care for someone with these conditions; and
  • Require basic support services to remain in your home, and also support for the person who cares for you.

Increasing cultural awareness

Carers Queensland provides CALD information, education and training to service providers and community groups.

Contact your local Carers Queensland office to discuss how we can assist you in improving cultural awareness in your workplace or in your community.

“There is help here and things are getting better with these supports in place. I am hopeful that I can complete my nursing degree and provide a good future for my family.” – Nerayan, 42

Want more information?

A family member, a friend, your doctor or other service providers can refer you to the CALD program.

Connecting with us is easy, call on 1800 242 636, email info@carersqld.com.au, or visit our Contact Us page.

If you are looking for something more local, check out our Regional Offices and Support Groups.