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It's All About Me

Do you know a young person looking after a family member or friend?

Making life better

For some young people, life entails going to school or going out with friends, but we understand that for others, it could be different.

If their daily life involves caring for a family member or friend with a disability or illness, they are a young carer.

We are here for you

In Queensland there are currently more than 50,000 young carers, helping a family member or a friend with things like cooking, cleaning, paying bills, taking medication or visiting the doctor.

Caring responsibilities of children and young adults can have an impact on their mental health due to physical and mental strain.

Program Overview

The FRIENDS programs are a suite of Australian-developed, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) based programs designed to build life-long resilience in individuals, families, schools, and communities.

The social and emotional skills promoted in the FRIENDS program have been endorsed by the World Health Organisation as the best practice for the prevention and treatment of anxiety and depression.

Carers Queensland facilitates three of the FRIENDS programs within the Capricorn Region:

  • Fun Friends (Year 1 to 3) – positive social and emotional development
  • Friends for Life (Year 4 to 6) – inspiring confidence and emotional strength
  • Adult Resilience – Adult Carers with caring responsibility for a child under 12 years

The program can help children:

  • Improve their confidence and social skills
  • Enhance their emotional health and well-being
  • Improve their self-esteem and reach their full potential
  • Identify their personal strengths and supportive networks

Prepare them for tomorrow

It’s All About Me is a program delivered by Carers Queensland. This program is available in the Capricorn Region including the Rockhampton Regional and Livingstone Shire Council areas (funded by The Smith Family).

The program delivers two different programs: Our programs are facilitated by our accredited and experienced facilitators who come certified to work with children.

Delivered in weekly two-hour sessions during the school term (10 weeks) with groups of six children. We can tailor the timing of the program to suit your school or community setting.

Key topics covered:

  • Understanding feelings
  • Body cues and relaxation
  • Paying careful attention
  • Changing unhelpful thoughts into helpful thoughts
  • Coping step plans
  • Learning from our role models
  • Using problem-solving plan
  • Using the Friends skills to help ourselves and others

Adult Resilience

Adult Resilience is a FREE program that supports carers (of children aged birth to 12 years) to develop skills to cope with stress and hardship, focus on self-development and the importance of self-care.

Drawing from the Friends Resilience program, which uses evidence-based strategies to prevent anxiety and depression, while promoting resilience in families, schools and communities.

The sessions are delivered in weekly two hour sessions for eight weeks.

Key topics covered:

  • Introduction and being aware of our feelings
  • Learn to be mindful
  • Inner helpful thoughts
  • Feeling resilient
  • Coping with challenges
  • Enjoy a healthy lifestyle
  • Be prepared for future challenges
  • Connect with us

Connect with us

For more information and see how this program can benefit your school community, contact 07 3900 8100 or email carerprogram@carersqld.com.au