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We can take the stress out of aged care

Jan 29 2020
Vicki is a working mother. For nine years now, she has worked as a Family Carer Support Officer at Carers Queensland.

Three days a week, from 8.00 am to 2.30 pm she is busy helping carers access services. Then, at the end of each day, she takes on a different role.

Vicki is a mother of nine grown up kids and a carer for her husband Chris.

Chris is a radiographer and had worked hard lifting, xraying and ultra-sounding patients for many years.

“Consequently, he has several damaged discs, limited mobility and suffers pain 24 x 7,” Vicki says.

“I have been his carer for four years,” she adds.

Vicki leads her way at work and at home. At a glance, it might look easy. However, juggling her family needs and work needs while focusing on doing a good job in both her roles, was taking a lot of her energy.

Vicki’s family life became a lot easier after joining Carers Queensland’s Empower Care program. With Chris, they both decided to join the service in 2017.

For nearly two years, Empower Care helped Vicki and her husband manage his Home Care Package based on an individualised care plan which supports Chris’ decision of staying at home.

The service gives them access to a range of ongoing personalised support services and care to help with day-to-day activities.

“Annie from Empower Care made great suggestions about services Chris could take advantage of such as showers three times per week, lawn mowing services every fortnight and domestic cleaning fortnightly.”

“She was very helpful in explaining the My Aged Care System. She arranged for the initial Regional Assessment Service (RAS) to be carried out and home support services were commenced within two weeks.

Vicki states she will always be grateful for the personal, one on one support that Annie and Maryam from Empower Care have provided for her family.

“We didn’t feel like we were just a number on a roster with service delivery from the big providers. And we usually had the same support workers visiting our home who came to know our family situation.”

Using the service gave Vicki and her family peace of mind. She credits Empower Care for making their lives better.

“These home services made Chris’s life less stressful and more comfortable.”

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