What is changing?

Published On: 23 May 2019Categories: NDIS, News

From 1 September 2019, the way carers access services is changing.

Carers will have access to the full suite of Carer Gateway services. Therefore, the Carer Gateway 1800 number and website will be their first point of contact. Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centres (CRCCs)
and the Emergency Respite Support will still be available until November 2019.

The new system of services for carers include:

• needs assessment and planning;
• targeted financial support packages with a focus on supporting employment, education, respite access and transport;
• in-person and phone-based coaching, counselling
and peer support;
• information and advice;
• access to emergency crisis support; and
• assistance with navigating relevant, local services available to carers through federal, state and local government and non-government providers, including the NDIS, My Aged Care and palliative care.

Carers will go through a Carer Support Planning Process to outline services which would benefit them, to outline goals and to identify practical steps they may take to achieving those goals.

When accessing services directly through the Carer Gateway website, carers can be referred to a range of digital services, including:

• Online Peer Support
• Digital Counselling
• Online Coaching
• Education materials

Carers can also be referred to their relevant RDP to follow the Carer Support Planning Process.

The assessment and planning process will be done using the new Carer Star tool to help carers assess and determine the support they require.

Once the assessment and planning discussions are completed, carers will receive an Action Plan that will better support their caring role. The plan also includes scheduled reviews and re-assessment of needs.

RDPs will facilitate access to a range of in-person services, such as:
• Coaching
• In-Person Peer Support
• Counselling
• Carer Directed Support
• Emergency Respite Care


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