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Your new future begins today…

Jul 28 2020
For the longest time, caring for a family member or friend has been part of our lives. With an ageing society, the reliance on carers is expected to increase.

More and more people will have caring responsibilities, and it is imperative that their needs are supported, now more than ever.

For more than 30 years, Carers Queensland has been working to advocate for equal rights, opportunities, and enhanced outcomes for caring families.

Caring has an impact on all aspects of life, from relationships and health, to finances and work. Many carers struggle to engage in learning and education or return to the workforce when their lives are disrupted.

Under this premise, we recently launched Your Caring Way, a new program of services that focus upon carers wanting to pursue their own goals like a totally new career.

Carers Queensland’s General Manager of Strategy, Cameron Thayer, describes it as an opportunity to do even better work with the people and the communities we care about.

“There is an evident need and gap in the services available to support carers wanting to socially and economically participate in education and workforce activity,” he said.

“Our expertise and understanding of carers, coupled with our specialised coaching and experience providing accredited training and education to those wanting to engage in work in the community sector, gives us the capability to deliver a specialised, unique and value-adding service,” he added.

Education works as a bridge to opportunity, and Your Caring Way serves as an avenue for carers to seize that opportunity and enhance their participation in society.

As a carer, the program allows you to go into paid employment, study or volunteering in the industry of your choice, and gives you the chance to explore and develop your capacity as an individual and within your caring role.

Your experience, combined with the expertise of the program, can equip you for a new role.

Your Journey

Once you’ve registered your interest with Your Caring Way, an initial conversation takes place to identify your eligibility and suitability and provide an overview of the program outcomes and objectives. Your Caring Way’s work is inspired by the GROW model, which defines your GROW Plan and consequently, describes your journey.

“If you want to engage in the program, a Vocational Coach will book you in to do an assessment that helps them understand who you are and what your aspirations may be,” Cameron said.

The assessment is the starting point of a sound relationship with your coach.

“It gives us a picture of what supports you may need. Then, your GROW plan is established, which provides an individualised road map to support clarity and progress in the pursuit of your goals,” he said.

Along your journey, there will be a series of coaching sessions aimed at goal achievement and individual capacity building.

Your Caring Way is designed to support both face-toface and digital engagement, utilising technology to provide vocational coaching, training and mentoring to carers across Queensland, Tasmania, and South Australia.

During these uncertain times, the team’s work has been focussed on creating connections.

“Using digital technology to support the engagement was always the intention, and therefore our ability to adapt services in the COVID-19 environment was complemented by the fact that it was part of our service delivery model,” Cameron said.

“We will continue to use digital channels to deliver our services until it is appropriate to do it face to face. When this is the case, we will have a blend of all forms of delivery, depending on the carer’s needs and preferences.”

Your Growth

Your GROW Plan supports your growth toward your goals and aspirations.

No matter where you are in life or where you want to go, you need a plan to get there.

Your GROW Plan outlines:

  • Goals- decide where you’re going, by setting your vocational goals.
  • Reality- check your current situation, where you are right now and your caring capacity.
  • Options- explore various routes to your destination: work, training, volunteering
  • Way forward- you commit, and you start taking action.

“The plan also includes activities such as soft skills training, accredited training, and other education and development actions that may require referral and support,” he said.

Your Future

With a plan in place, you can see what’s possible. You have formed a vision about what you want to achieve for your future.

“We are here to help you bring that vision alive and make it possible by connecting you with real opportunities,” Cameron said.

“When you are ready to take the next step towards employment or volunteering, our placement officers will work with you and your vocational coach, to support your successful transition into the workforce, whether it be employment or volunteering.”

“This opportunity is all about you. We are here to talk about your new future and how to make it happen. Your Caring Way will be with you along the way.”

Learn more about the Your Caring Way program at our website YourCaringWay.com.au.