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Australian Carers Guide is a new and independent quarterly publication designed to help today’s primary carer, offering creative solutions and helpful perspectives to make a real difference in your daily life.

Embracing Disability in Multicultural Communities

We’re bringing African communities together to share stories of people and families to reduce the stigma around disability.

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Culturally sensitive and safe support from our rainbow communities.

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Our projects are making sure inclusion is on the agenda and that people with disability have a seat at the table.

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 Latest News

Meet John, Claire, Evan, and Laura


John, Claire, Evan, and Laura share caring responsibilities for their son and brother, Luke who has multiple disabilities including Autism and Fragile X.

Meet Diana


Diana is a carer to her son Hamish, who has complex disabilities. Striving to balance caring, family and personal fulfilment, she sought support from Carers Queensland back in 2020. With Your Caring Way program’s support, Diana started studying and volunteering, working towards a role that she wanted in paid employment.
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