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Do you know a young person who looks after a parent, sibling or relative with a disability or illness?

For some young people, life involves going to school or hanging out with friends, but we understand that for others, it could be different.

For a young carer, their day-to-day routine may involve helping a family member with a disability or illness to navigate everyday activities, such as cooking, cleaning, paying bills, taking medication or visiting the doctor.

These additional responsibilities can have an impact on their mental health, education or their ability to connect with others.

Supporting young carers since 2015

The FRIENDS programs help improve the confidence, emotional wellbeing and social skills of young carers in our community through play-based learning and peer support in a safe and welcoming environment.

The programs are delivered in weekly two-hour sessions during the school term (10 weeks), in groups of six children. There are two free* programs available:

  • Fun Friends (Year 1 to 3) – positive social and emotional development
  • Friends for Life (Year 4 to 6) – inspiring confidence and emotional strength

Young carers will also have the opportunity to participate in free monthly group social activities such as bowling, laser tag or trips to the movies.

*Please note – This program is only available in the Capricornia region 

The benefits of attending the program include:

  • Making new friends
  • Support for young people with caring responsibilities
  • Develop new skills
  • Support young people with caring responsibilities
  • Provide a break from the caring role
  • No cost – the program is fully subsidised.

The benefits of hosting the program at your school include:

  • Support for students with caring responsibilities
  • Create new connections and partnerships in your community
  • Improve the mental wellness of students
  • Reduce social isolation of students
  • Create an inclusive environment for students
  • No financial cost – the program is fully subsidised

For more information or to register

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