Driving Inclusive Change

Build a more inclusive and accessible community with us!

As Queensland’s largest NDIS LAC Partner in the Community, we have been working alongside communities toward sustainable change that ensures people with disability are leading conversations and driving the inclusive changes they need and want to see to achieve their goals.

Our work with local councils and public sector agencies, business and industry, community groups and clubs is making sure inclusion is on the agenda and that people with disability have a seat at the table.

A woman in a florist shop surrounded by plants and flowers reads from a tablet.

Our Be Your Own Boss – Microbusiness project aims to empower, educate and support people with disability to create their own microbusiness.

Two teenage girls with backpacks walk through a park

We are bringing education and youth-centred stakeholders together to identify barriers and opportunities for young people transitioning from school to adult life.

A man sits in a rowing boat, oar raised above his head, smiling victoriously. His wheelchair is on the jetty nearby.

We are utilising the lived experience of people with disability to provide guidance, advice and peer mentoring for local sport and recreation clubs to support the inclusion and participation of people with disability in local sport and recreation clubs and across all aspects of sport and recreation.

Four young adults from different cultural backgrounds share a laugh

We are collaborating with multicultural community leaders and organisations to amplify the voice and experiences of people with disability from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to ensure a better understanding of the value they contribute to their communities through social and economic participation.

Two people explore a table covered in potted plants. One uses a wheelchair and has two prosthetic legs.

We are working one-to-one with community gardens to help integrate access and inclusion fundamentals into their policy frameworks and daily operations, to create accessible green spaces for everyone.

A Rural Fire Brigade volunteer in high vis overalls, helmet and goggles stands by a small fire truck.

We are  working with emergency service agencies on how the systems and personnel involved in disaster preparedness and disaster response can best support everyone in local communities, including people with disability.

A staff member with disability serves a customer in a bakery

Carers Queensland is working with organisations that utilise volunteers to help them understand the needs of people with disability and build their capacity to recruit people with disability as part of their volunteer workforce.

A man using a wheelchair browses books in a library

We are improving awareness of accessibility and increasing the capacity of local councils to provide more inclusive and accessible places, spaces and services in their local communities.

NDIS participants Owen and Marshall with the magistrate in Brisbane Murri Court.

Carers Queensland is in partnership with Murri Court justice stakeholders to provide wrap around support for Murri Court participants with disability to get the assistance they need, enabling them to make better decisions in their life.

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Feedback, complaints, and the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) welcomes feedback, including complaints. The agency believes people have a right to speak up as it helps it to see what works, what doesn’t and where the agency can make improvements to products and services.

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