Peak body supports

The Queensland Disability Peak and Representative Body Program funds organisations to provide accessible and disability-specific information and referral services to Queenslanders with a disability, their family members, and carers, and promote community awareness.

Peak body organisations help and support people with a disability:

  • with accessible and disability-specific information
  • with online and state-wide phone support and referral services
  • through news, advice, referral information, and communication about support and services available in Queensland including information to access the NDIS
  • by providing expert advice and feedback to the government on matters impacting people with disability
  • by promoting community awareness, education, and training information for organisations and employers, and the broader community to influence community attitudes and remove barriers to inclusion
  • by developing resources to support employers in attracting, recruiting and retaining people with disability

Queensland Disability Peak and Representative Bodies Inclusion Program Providers 2022-2025

Region Organisation Purpose of funding  Phone
State-wide Carers Queensland  Cohort Specific – Carers Cohort 1300 363 783
State-wide Autism Queensland Disability Category – Autism (07) 3273 0000
State-wide Better Hearing Australia Brisbane Disability Category – Deaf or hard of hearing (07) 3844 5065
State-wide Deaf Connect Disability Category – Deaf or hard of hearing (07) 3892 8500
State-wide Down Syndrome Queensland Ltd Disability Category – Intellectual Disability (07) 3356 6655
State-wide Guide Dogs Queensland Ltd Disability Category – Vision Impairment (07) 3500 9001
State-wide Spinal Life Australia Disability Category – Physical Disability 1300 774 625
State-wide Synapse Voice Ltd Disability Category – Neurological/Acquired Brain Injury 1800 673 074
State-wide Xavier Children's Support Network Disability Category – Developmental Delay 1800 928 437