Emergency Services Community Connect

Rural Fire Brigade volunteer in high vis overalls, helmet and goggles, stands by a small fire truck.

Improving emergency services disaster response for people with disability.

Carers Queensland is working with emergency service agencies on how the systems and personnel involved in disaster preparedness and disaster response can best support everyone in local communities, including people with disability.

Disability-Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction aims to reduce disaster risk by including people with disability in disaster planning processes, thus strengthening resilience, systems and approaches.​

By working closely with key groups, we are building stronger connections for people with disability to support themselves in an emergency.

For more information

Please contact the Community and Mainstream Team from Carers Queensland at
cq.communityandmainstream@ndis.gov.au, or phone the Carers Queensland Enquiries Line on 1300 999 636.

Collaborating 4 Inclusion provides information and resources from research projects about inclusion, including the Disability Inclusive and Disaster-Resilient Communities project conducted in Queensland.