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Research is central to how we understand and interpret the issues and concerns of carers.

We actively support research projects as a way of creating better results for all caring families.

We are committed to furthering our understanding of their needs to make a difference in their lives.

Below you can find some of our current research projects. If you are interested in participating in any of them, you can contact the researchers directly.

Emotional and behavioural functioning in adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Researchers from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) are conducting a study to learn more about factors that may ultimately impact the emotional and behavioural functioning of adolescents diagnosed with ASD, from the perspective of the adolescents and their parent/caregivers.

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The research team is looking for adolescents diagnosed with ASD and one of their parents/caregivers.
Adolescents must be in grades 7 to 9, have one or more siblings, and an IQ of Low Average or above.
All participants will also need to have access to either a phone or a computer with internet.

Adolescents who have been diagnosed with intellectual disability unfortunately will not be able to participate due to participation requirements and the scope of this study. Additionally, adolescents who are unaware of their ASD diagnosis will not be able to participate.

Contact Biyanka Komandur at biyanka.komandur@hdr.qut.edu.au

Survey - Examining the Relationship between Gratitude and Caregiver Burden

Murdoch University is conducting a study to establish whether feelings of gratitude influence the burden experienced by carers of people with severe mental illnesses.

Effective decision - making support

Researchers from QUT and La Trobe University are looking at ways to improve the process of supporting decision-making for people with cognitive disability (intellectual disability or acquired brain injury).

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The project is looking for participants, specifically adults with a mild or moderate cognitive disability and those who regularly support them to make decisions. Supporters can be friends, family members or paid workers.

Contact Alison Holm on (07) 3138 4237 or a6.holm@qut.edu.au.

Supporting young people who experience mental health conditions

Researchers at the University of Sydney want to find out what strategies parents use to support young people who experience mental health problems, and which they find most helpful.

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Contact Andrea Mizzi at the University of Sydney on Amiz2866@uni.sydney.edu.au.

Caring for carers of people with dementia

The program aims to provide support and information to isolated carers of older people with dementia living in regional and rural Australia.

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Contact Atosha Clancy at Central Queensland University on carers@cqu.edu.au.

Supporting spouses of residents with dementia

The Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is testing a new telephone support program to help spouses and partners of people with dementia cope with any issues surrounding their move into residential care.

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Contact Deborah Brooks at Queensland University of Technology on deborah.brooks@qut.edu.au.