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Carers Queensland is now a Company Limited by Guarantee (Carers Queensland Ltd.) and we want you to know what it means for you.

In line with our change, we invite you to become an Affiliated or Voting member of Carers Queensland Ltd.

Membership information

  1. Tick and sign the Affiliate box and you will be showing that you support Carers Queensland, but you will not be charged a fee to be an Affiliate.
  2. Tick and sign the Voting Membership section and you will be eligible to stand for election as a Director of the Board and vote at the Annual General Meeting or any other Special Meetings that are held throughout the year.

To become a Voting Member you will be required to pay a one off $10 membership fee and by signing you are also agreeing to the amount of the guarantee, contained in Clause 4 of the Constitution of Carers Queensland Ltd. The clause states:

The Guarantee

  • Each member must contribute an amount not more than $10 (the guarantee) to the property of the company if the company is wound up while the member is a member, or within 12 months after they stop being a member, and this contribution is required to pay for the:
    • Debts and liabilities of the company incurred before the member stopped being a member, or
    • Costs of winding up.

The above Guarantee only applies to you if you choose to be a Voting Member and pay the $10 one-off fee.

To become an Affiliate or Voting Member

Please complete our Membership Form and return it to:

Carers Queensland,
PO Box 179,

However, please note that you do NOT have to be an Affiliate or a Voting Member to receive any services for which you are eligible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 747 636.

We appreciate your commitment and support.