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Carer Stories

Carers come from all kinds of backgrounds, experiences and cultures and there is a story behind each one of them.

These stories inspire the work we do.

We believe sharing their stories can make a real difference in your world as they offer a unique insight and perspective into the lives of carers.

If you want to share your story, please Contact Us.

Yvonne’s twin sons were born with varying degrees of disability; she talks about how counselling kept her family together through difficult times and the creative new way she …

Being a young carer isn’t always easy, but as Corby explains, it has its rewards.

Two months after his wedding, Bob’s wife had a brain tumour removed that changed her forever. His story is one of resilience, perseverance and hope.

Melanie’s twin boys were born with severe eczema and allergies. After years of going it alone, Mel found a way to get the support she needed, and help …

Peter tells his story of long-term caring of his son and the difference support groups have made to his life.

No two caring roles are the same, and some carers don’t realise they need support. But, as Kath explains here, there are times when reaching out can really …