Benefits And Payments

Carers can experience financial hardship as they divide their time between working and caring for a loved one.

If you care for a family member or friend, you may be eligible for payments to help you meet the costs of caring.

Types of payment to carers

Carer Payment

Income support if you are unable to work in substantial paid employment because of your caring role. You may be eligible if you provide full time daily care to someone with severe disability or medical condition, or to someone who is frail aged or elderly and are not apart from them for more than 25 hours a week to work.

Carer Allowance

A fortnightly income supplement for parents or carers providing additional daily care and attention to an adult or dependent child or children. You may be eligible if you give extra care to someone who has a disability or severe illness or is frail aged.

Carer Supplement

Annual lump sum to assist with the cost of caring for a person. You may be eligible if you receive a Carer Allowance or Carer Payment.

Carer Adjustment Payment

A one-off payment to families of a child under 7 years who has been diagnosed with a major disability, following a catastrophic event. You may be eligible if you care for a child under 7 years that has been diagnosed with a severe disability or mental illness and you do not qualify for income support payment.

Young Carer Bursary Programme

Financial help to reduce your need to find a part-time job if you are studying or training and taking care of someone. You may be eligible if you are aged 12 -25 years, in secondary education, TAFE or university or studying or training.

Child Disability Assistance Payment

An annual lump sum to help with the cost of caring for a child with disability. You may be eligible if you receive Carer Allowance for a child.

Payments to carers with dependent children

If you have children, you may also be able to get other payments for families, such as the Family Tax Benefit, Parenting Payment Jobs, Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance.

Other benefits for carers

Other organisations that can help

  • Visit the Department of Social Services website
  • You might find it helpful to use the Department of Human Services’ online PaymentFinder tool to narrow down the support possibilities.
  • Contact Centrelink on 132 717. The first steps in applying for support needs to be completed by calling.
  • Visit the NDIS website if you are a person with a disability who wishes to participate in the NDIS.

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