My Health Record

Published On: 11 March 2019Categories: Regional

Who can access your ‘My Health Record”?

Apart from you, the only people who can view or access your My Health Record are your healthcare providers (e.g. GPs, specialists or hospital
staff); people you invite to help you manage your record (nominated representatives) or people who manage your record for you if you are not able to (authorised representatives).

Access by a healthcare provider

Only healthcare provider organisations involved in your care, and those who are registered with us, are allowed by law to access your My Health Record. Treating healthcare providers can view documents in your My Health Record as part of the default preferences. You can add extra privacy controls, so you can choose which healthcare organisations can access your record, or individual documents in it.

Access by a nominated representative

A nominated representative is a trusted person you have invited to help you manage your My Health Record. They might be a family member, close friend or carer. Access by an authorised representative. An authorised representative manages the My Health Record of someone who cannot manage their own. This could be for their child under 14 years or someone of any age who acks the capacity to manage their own record. An authorised representative may be a parent, carer, family member, or someone with enduring power of attorney.

Access in an emergency

In a medical emergency, healthcare providers can access your My Health Record to see your health information, so they can provide you with the best possible treatment and care.

See who has accessed your record 

You can see which organisations or representatives have accessed your My Health Record. Every time someone looks at your record, uploads a document, or makes any changes, it is logged in the ‘Access History’ of your My Health Record. You can also choose to be notified when your nominated or authorised representatives access your record.

People who can’t access your record –

The primary purpose of your My Health Record is to support your healthcare. No one is permitted to access or ask you to disclose any information within your My Health Record for insurance or employment purposes.